July 28, 2017

Here Are 10 of the Most Popular Step Change Articles in 2017

July 28, 2017

Here Are 10 of the Most Popular Step Change Articles in 2017

Step Change

From creating value proposition to knowing your brand’s archetype to disruption — here are the 10 widely read articles from the Step Change Blog on the first half of 2017.

From the list, we gain insights on what you, our beloved readers, are most interested in.

You are keen to know how you can create value for your customers. You want to explore how you can build your brand in a way that speaks to your audience. You seek to learn how to facilitate team decision-making effectively. You want to learn how disruption is affecting leadership. And last, but certainly not the least, as a CEO, marketing manager, or entrepreneur, you want to know how you can manage your time with work.


1. Create a Value Proposition That Makes People Buy

Have you noticed how most businesses talk about themselves? Check the “About Us” page and you’ll see that they are actually saying the same message:

“We’ve been around since so-and-so, and we’ve been serving our customers in a friendly environment. What makes us different is that we care about our customers. In fact, our values are respect, integrity, and trust.”

You don’t want to sound like your competitors.

Read the rest here.


2. Exploring Brand Archetypes: The Sage

Sages are truth seekers. Their goal is to understand the world and share it with others. They find and depend on wisdom in every situation. 

Read the rest here.


3. The Advanced Guide to Brand Positioning

Most businesses talk about the same things and forget to mention the things that make them truly different.

If you’re competing with a giant in your category and talk about the same things as they do, you’ll lose.

Read the rest here.


4. Team Decision Making: 4 Consensus Techniques Every Leader Must Learn

The teams we have today are quite different from how they were in the past.

They are more dynamic and more diverse now that when your business poses an issue that requires you to decide as a team, there’d be no opportunity for other members to speak up, needless arguments, and biased opinions.

And often you end up with a decision that’s unsupported by many.

Read the rest here.


5. How Archetypes Power the World’s Most Memorable Brands

Coca-Cola. Apple. Harley Davidson. Victoria’s Secret.

What makes brands like these stand out? What makes these brands so remarkable and memorable? Their secret to success? It’s something so powerful that even the marketing from these brands is recognisable without their logos.

Read the rest here.


6. In the Age of Disruption, Is Command-and-Control Leadership Dead? [VIDEO]

In 2025, eight years from now, 40% of the Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist. In the age of disruption, complacency has no place in great leadership.

Read the rest here.


7. Exploring Brand Archetypes: The Creator

Creators are often pictured as imaginative, expressive, innovative, and realistic. They desire to create exceptional things that have enduring value.

Read the rest here.


8. Exploring Brand Archetypes: The Explorer

Explorers find fulfilment in experiencing authentic life to the fullest. That means they want to use their freedom to explore and discover the world.

Their journey becomes one of self-exploration as explorers discover more about themselves than the lands they travel.

Read the rest here.


9. Exploring Brand Archetypes: The Ruler

Rulers are often pictured as solid, often very ‘masculine’.

Think: Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Margaret Thatcher. They carry an air of authority when they act and speak. They are confident, responsible, and fair.

Read the rest here.


10. Your To-Do List Is Killing Your Productivity

It’s 7:30 am, and you’re at your office desk with a pen and clean sheet of paper, poised to list down the tasks you need to accomplish today.

Then looking at the 25 items on your to-do list, you think, This is going to be a very productive day.

Or so you thought.

Read the rest here.



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