January 7, 2020

Top 10 Articles C-Suites Read in the Step Change Blog [2019 Edition]

January 7, 2020

Top 10 Articles C-Suites Read in the Step Change Blog [2019 Edition]

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The new year is here! And as we venture forward with fresh business insights and useful strategy, here are the top 10 articles most popular with C-suites in 2019 that you may have missed. 


10 Successful FinTech Marketing Case Studies

In an industry that puts a prime on innovation, we’ve seen more creative marketing approaches and ideas coming from the FinTech sector in recent years. 

We’ve picked out ten of the most inspiring marketing examples and case studies from FinTech companies to help you plan your own strategy.


Why Strategic Plans Fail: 5 Things Most Leaders Are Missing

No matter how well-formulated business plans and strategies are, 67% of them fail due to poor execution. Find out some of the top pitfalls why most strategic plans fail in organisations.


B2B Social Media Strategy Best Practices, Case Studies, and Examples

If you are looking for the next step in your marketing strategy, and if you haven’t done so already, amplifying your social media presence may just be it. Learn how to integrate social media into your strategy to amplify your brand and grow more leads.


Brand Valuation: Measuring the Value of a Brand

Do you know how much your brand is worth? Learn how to look into how today’s top brands are valued, how you can measure your brand’s value, and what you can do to build your brand power.


What Australia’s Fastest-Growing Brands Are Doing in Their Marketing Strategy

How did Australia’s fastest-growing brands get to where they are? Learn from these fast-growing brands and take inspiration from their creative marketing strategies.


Distinctive vs Differentiated Brands

Should brands aim to be different or distinctive? What is the difference between the two, and how do these strategies add value to the branding equation? We take a closer look at shared evidence and form our own conclusions on why distinctiveness stumps differentiation.


Customer Journey Mapping: How to  Design a Better User Experience

To take the next step in transforming the customer experience, having a clear visual of the customer journey is crucial. Use customer journey mapping to understand how these customer touchpoints are affecting the overall user experience.


Customer-Centricity: Developing a Company Culture Your Customers Will Love

Customer-centric companies perform better and are far better able to drive customer loyalty. Learn how to embed customer-centricity in the heart of your company.


7 Critical Skills of Top CMOs

From becoming more customer-centred to embracing data, today’s CMOs need to redefine their roles through a skill transformation that can elevate the CMO role throughout the enterprise.


5 Market-Shaking Disruption Drivers in 2020 and Beyond

What impact will disruption have on your business in the coming years? Through our Disruption Radar, we present the  top factors set to disrupt business over the next 1,000 days.






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