September 3, 2019

What is Exponential Marketing?

September 3, 2019

What is Exponential Marketing?

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The rules of the marketing game most of us grew up playing have changed. Marketing in this day and age takes more than just the right message. It takes knowing where your customers are and showing up with an exceptional value.

Today’s customers and prospects know exactly what they want and go online to find it. To market your business in this new age, you need more than just the right message to stand out and drive customer loyalty. You need to do more than just create the right offer.

It’s about figuring out how to grow and do whatever it takes to get there. It’s about creating the right conversations with your customers and prospects to build the trust that boosts loyalty and drives growth.

In other words, you need to win where your business meets the market. And that is where Exponential Marketing comes in.

It's about redefining the essence of how you can use marketing to grow and win. Because to us, marketing is growth.

In the videos below, Ashton Bishop dives into the 10 key areas that make up Exponential Marketing and explains how to further apply it to your business.

Episode 1: The Purpose of Purpose

Is your company purpose narrow enough so you can win? Is it clear on the wrong that you want to right and the people you want to affect? Does being a purpose-led organisation really impact the bottom line?


Episode 2: Getting to Know Your Market

Is your organisation still doing the SWOT Analysis? Here, Ashton Bishop explains why the SWOT is dead and what’s a more effective tool to help you understand your context better than your competitors.


Episode 3: Speaking into the Listening

Discover the most crucial thing you need to do before you even start selling.


Episode 4: Presenting Your Value

Want to compete with a larger, more resourced competitor? Then be predatory in your marketing.


Episode 5: Checking Your Perceptions

Use data analytics and dashboards to ensure your decision-making around strategy is data-driven, more informed, and therefore, more effective.


Episode 6: Digital Ecosystems

Marketing automation is no longer a luxury that is reserved for the big companies. It’s the ultimate value delivery system you need to serve your customers. In this video, Ashton unpacks marketing automation and where it sits in the digital ecosystem


Episode 6.1: Content Strategy

BONUS VIDEO! It’s quite difficult to unpack something as complex as digital ecosystems in just 2 minutes. So here’s Ashton giving us some tips around content strategy.


Episode 7: Lightning Strikes

Are you deliberately designing an amazing experience for your customers? Learn how to create key impactful, memorable, and remarkable moments in this video and in the masterclass.


Episode 8: Innovation Pipeline

Innovation is crucial to business growth, but marketing leaders struggle to come up with innovative ideas that have business potential.


Episode 9: Cascade Your Strategy

Marketing should be developing the business strategy. Your marketing goals should always be linked to your business goals. 


Episode 9.1: [Bonus Round] Cascade Your Strategy

When developing a brief or thinking about an initiative, it goes through so many rounds that we sometimes forget to have a strategic lens that makes sense before we go to market. Here are the clear opportunity questions you need to answer.


Episode 10: Sprint

Some people call it ‘agile’. Some just call it ‘getting things done’. In this video, Ashton shares a great hack on how to get moving fast.



Are you curious to know more about how you can apply exponential marketing to your business and win? Contact us today. 



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