December 11, 2018

Step Change Blog's 10 Most Popular Articles in 2018

December 11, 2018

Step Change Blog's 10 Most Popular Articles in 2018

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To wrap up a productive 2018, we’re rounding up our best articles that have hit a spot with many C-suites, Senior Executives, and Marketing professionals.

2018 has been a period of massive growth for the Step Change Blog. We’ve grown from 508 to 12,488 subscribers in two years’ time. And although we’re happy with 500 people reading our blog, we’re happy it has grown in scale throughout the years, providing relevant industry tips and updates to executives and businesses of all sizes.

From developing strategies to being inspired by some of the country’s most innovative companies to learning about digital transformation — here are our readers’ top 10 favourite articles.

(Plus a look at the top 5 articles that will guide you as you take your business to its next step change in 2019.)


pharmaceutical-marketing-strategies4 Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies to Make Your Product Stand Out

The pharmaceutical industry is categorised by heavy restrictions, a shed load of data, and an audience that is limited and hugely intelligent. Find out how to market your products with impact. Read more.


data-driven-business-strategyHow to Develop a Data-Driven Business Strategy

In 2019, take the guesswork out of developing a cohesive business strategy. Stop blind-guessing what your next move will be. Learn how to leverage data to make informed decisions. Read more. 


identify-unmet-customer-needs4 Ways to Identify Unmet Customer Needs

No customer will think about buying a product from you unless they need it. Find the best opportunities from your customer’s unmet needs. Learn actionable ways to discover it. Read more. 


innovative-australian-comapanies5 Innovative Australian Companies You Should Know About

Don’t risk losing your market share to other entrants or losing your best talent or losing your business. Do this by embedding innovation in your culture. Read more.


disruptive-technologies5 Disruptive Technologies that Will Transform Businesses in 2018

Technology will disrupt every aspect of our lives and drive how business is done in the coming years. CMOs need to understand how these are transforming the way business is done. Read more.


digital-transformationWhat Is Digital Transformation?

With a highly volatile business environment, businesses can only achieve sustainability if they find a way to always reinvent themselves to adapt to changing trends. Read more.


Australian-economy-2018Australian Economic Outlook 2018

This year, the Australian economy is thriving. It grew 2.8% over the past year. This article looks into the Australian economy this year and the trends you need to pay attention to. We also look at what this means for business owners. Read more.


strategic-planHow to Know If Your Strategic Plan Is Really Strategic

Strategy means making the tough choices and using limited resources to gain maximum results. This article reviews the key places you need to look into to know if you’re doing strategy or something else entirely. Read more.


internal-communications-strategyHow to Create an Internal Comms Strategy that Works (with Case Study from AGL Energy)

When your employees fail to see the value behind what you’re trying to say, it can lead to disengagement — which can wreak havoc on team dynamics. Read more.


developing-a-solid-business-strategy8 Questions You Need to Ask to Develop a Solid Business Strategy

Developing a new strategy for 2019? Think of this article as your guide so you and your team can come up with a strategy that arises from a real context. Read more.



BONUS: Latest Articles to Prepare You for 2019

b2b-inbound-marketing-examples.00110 B2B Case Studies to Inspire Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

In the age of digital, outbound initiatives simply aren’t good enough. If you want to ultimately convert your leads to customers, inbound marketing is your powerful strategy. Learn how these 10 businesses succeeded through inbound. Read more.


how-to-create-events-that-resonate-with-the-right-audience.001How to Create Events that Resonate with the Right Audience

Winning the war for attention means taking every opportunity to nourish relationships and gain the trust of your potential clients. One way to do it? Organising an event for your business. Read more.


strategic-decision-makingAn Effective Framework for Strategic Decision-Making

What sets great decision-makers apart from the average ones is that they believe in strategic decisions and concrete action. Consider this framework and tools as your keys to help you make smarter and more strategic decisions. Read more.


marketing-roi-benchmarksThe B2B Marketer’s Guide to Marketing ROI Benchmarks

Marketers must be able to prove their marketing ROI and tie their efforts to revenue and other business outcomes. But only 27.62% of marketers are confident that they are effective at measuring marketing performance. Read more.


reporting-to-the-board-transformational-activities02.jpeg.001Reporting on Transformational Activities to the Board

Successful organisational transformations require leadership alignment and effective change management that fully supports the vision for change. Read more.



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