July 23, 2015

How do I win more tenders?

July 23, 2015

How do I win more tenders?

Stump the Strategist

Watch below as we answer:

Q: Our tenders aren't standing out, how do I win more of them? 

  • Featured strategists are: 

    David Siegel – Strategy Exec.

    Adam Long – General Manager

    Jeff Cooper – Senior Partner

  • About Stump The Strategist:

    • Questions from the floor, answered live in nine minutes
    • It's opinion, not advice
    • Step Change charges clients for advice, Stump The Strategist is free


  • Develop a purpose: Create a purpose that touches, moves and inspires all stakeholders. A good example is Ford's founding purpose, 'To help Americans explore this great land'
  • Focus on the pain points and tap into those drivers: People react 1.5-2.5 times more to pain than gain. By addressing the pain, you start to frame the value you're providing for prospective clients
  • Tender audit:
    • Make sure each headline highlights value
    • Use of icons and graphics for scan-ability
    • Specific checklists by job title, for example 'Checklist for the CEO'
    • Value modelling. If you're more expensive, what is it that actually justifies this value?
  • Develop an A3 discussion guide: It creates effective frequency and outlines your key points of value. Use it to win the tender before the actual tender document is sent - remember that most tenders are won before the request for tender is even released

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