October 30, 2015

How do I sell my product to customers who are busy or hard to reach?

October 30, 2015

How do I sell my product to customers who are busy or hard to reach?

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Q: How do I sell my temperature logging device for fridges to restaurants and cafes, while they're so busy and hard to sell to?



  • Consider customer pain points. Ask them what issues are affecting their business, and then quantify them so that you can demonstrate your value in relation to those issues.   

  • Cost is a major pain point for any business owner. Demonstrate to your customers the actual cost that comes from not having your product installed. Calculate the cost of labour, lost produce, staff communication and training. Find the industry average and then help your clients discover their own costs in comparison using a standard formula.

  • Ask your customers what you need for a yes. Get them to tell you what they need, and frame their thinking around saying 'yes'. Research shows that people want to be consistent, and getting them to frame their ideas in writing makes it difficult for them to go against their own stated ideas and opinions. 

  • Get your customers' attention using 'Remarkable Direct Mail'.  Because of the massive drive towards email, physical mail is something that you pay attention to.  The Rotten Food Cookbook is an excellent example that arose from a Stump the Strategist session. 

  • Offer your product as a free trial to build trust. When they see the actual value and benefits of your product (which you will remind them of), they're more likely to trust you, and pay for your product.

  • Establish a checklist and some form of accreditation to accompany it. This can be sent out to learning centres in your industry. Make your product a necessary standard for best practise. 

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