June 13, 2017

2 Minutes on Amplifying the Sale (Part 2)

June 13, 2017

2 Minutes on Amplifying the Sale (Part 2)

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Does your arsenal contain great, effective tools to help you boost sales in your business?

This is the second part of the 2 Minutes On series called Amplifying the Sale, and here I’m giving away four of the seven tools and foundations as a checklist so you can work out where your next opportunity is.


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Below is the edited transcript of the video. 

Cut Down Your Website

A lot of people have really big websites designed to drive lots of leads, and the way they do that is they have content on all sorts of different content and products. That’s great up the top of the funnel, but in the sale, it’s actually a maze for our customers to get lost in.

So you want to make sure they’re on the marketing automation system, and the pages they’re sent to are cut down and would direct them to make the next step — because all we want them to do during the “conversion phase” is decide to work with us, share an objection, or get on the phone so that we can build a solution that exactly suits their needs.

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Have an A3 Discussion Guide

We use it when we first meet customers so they can sell our product to themselves the next day when they’ve forgotten 90% of what we told them.

They can also use this to replicate the sales conversation to other people in the business and the stakeholders. It systemises the best in the value proposition into one amazing conversation.


Use Powerful Proposals

This is to make sure that across ten elements of decision-making within B2B, we’re digging for the information to build that ironclad business case. Because the thing is, if you’ve done your job right, you have either found out you can’t help them in a way that has a great return on investment and you’ve walked away, or you’ve found out exactly how to help them.

Once we frame that issue and we want to tie a business case, we want to get our clients to a place where it would be silly not to do business with us.


Explainer Video

Humans naturally have great days and bad days. We’ve got new staff and staff that’s been there for a long time. And within that, there come a lot of different pitching styles. The explainer video is the very best way in two minutes or less to make sure that the same optimised value proposition gets delivered to our customers.

Here’s another insight: Most web forms, lead conversions, decisions around proposals are being done outside of business hours — that’s outside the nine-to-five, which is the time you’re probably allowed to talk to your customers. Having an explainer video means that you get exposure in those times outside of business hours, on the weekend, as it’s optimised for mobile.

It also gets you breadth of relationship, so you might be talking to customer A and B within the organisation, but at least they can forward the video to C and D as well.

With the explainer video, you can do a great job of premiumising the brand without have to rework every single touchpoint.

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To wrap it all up, this 2-part series gives you the tools and foundations you need to amplify your sales process.

These are (1) great systems and templates, (2) a carefully mapped-out customer journey, (3) an active Net Promoter Score, (4) a lead-generating website, (5) a beautifully crafted A3 Discussion Guide, (6) powerful proposals, and (7) an explainer video that communicates with impact, every time.


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