September 14, 2016

4 Smart Ways to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle Effectively

September 14, 2016

4 Smart Ways to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle Effectively

B2B Sales

Slow sales cycles are the bane of a salesperson’s life. They usually mean there is a lot to manage. In this case, clients often forget what we tell them; so the longer it goes on, the more cost is involved.

In today’s blog post, Jeff Cooper shares how you can speed up your sales cycle.



1. Use Marketing Automation Tools

By the time a new client says yes or no, they should have had up to 15 touchpoints with you. While this is 5 times higher than the average B2B conversion process, this is guaranteed to get you top of mind. Frequency is the biggest weapon any salesperson can have.

While this is really good to have, we don’t have the luxury of time to spend on making sure we’ve emailed them or spoken with them. This is where marketing automation can help us speed up the sales process.

With automation, we can set up pipeline stages and drop different electronic content to our clients at different touchpoints. Relevant electronic content adds value. Plus, your client can forward it to other decision makers, enriching the breadth of your relationship with your client.

By the time you hand in your sales proposal, your clients should’ve already made a decision as to whether or not they want to work with you. Proposals should be a formality, not the decision-making point.


2. Don’t Just Follow Up — Deliver Value

You need to make sure you have new news. Every time you see or speak to a client, you will want to take something to them. It could be in the form of new insight reports, interesting industry news, or something you’ve researched online that is of value and interest to your client.


3. Present a Business Case

You need to have a good business case that demonstrates to the client how big their problem is in dollar amount and contains a rationale of how it’s impacting them. Highlight the pain that sits around the problem and the stress it has caused them. Then ask the client how it would feel to have the pain removed. Great business cases win every single time.


4. Let Them Know the Cost of Inaction

Finally, make sure they understand the cost of doing nothing to address the business concern. Every single month they don’t make a decision is equal to losing an amount of money for not fixing the problem. This is a great motivation for them to see how much it was worth making the choice to purchase your product or service.


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