December 21, 2016

2 Minutes on the Killer 3 in B2B (Part 2/3): Engagement

December 21, 2016

2 Minutes on the Killer 3 in B2B (Part 2/3): Engagement

B2B Sales, 2 Minutes On

Most people think that in B2B, decision making is rooted only on facts and figures so winning clients involves knowledge and rational data. Today, that notion is being challenged.

Welcome to the second part of the 2-minute discussion on the Killer 3 in B2B. This is a three-part series that delves into what every B2B sales consultant needs to know about winning work.

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In this two-minute video, find out what’s the second step to engage clients effectively.



The text that follows is a transcript of the video.

Most people think a B2B sale is all about rational evaluation, and that’s important. That’s the permission. What most people don’t realise though is that B2B people are, just like you and me, humans first and analytical second. So we want to work out how to emotionally engage them.

Tactically what does that look like? Know what they do on the weekend. Know what they like. Know what’s important to them, their family. Or know the softer sides of their business, the cultural areas they’re struggling with.

Also, find ways to engage them emotionally. Share a product. Find a way for them to engage in your service. If you can get them to trial it, understand it, or use more of their five senses rather than their cognitive thinking alone — you are able to cross that barrier from rational to emotional.

Now the argument for yourself, for them, and for their key stakeholders isn’t twice as strong when you have desire and permission. The sum is greater than the whole parts. It is 10 times, 15 times stronger.  


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