July 6, 2015

How do we encourage power users to engage with a pre-sales campaign?

July 6, 2015

How do we encourage power users to engage with a pre-sales campaign?

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Q: Our energy-saving company is launching a pre-sales campaign. How do we identify and target power users to help spread it virally?

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  • Studies in behavioural economics suggest that, rather than saving money or the environment, people are motivated by beating their neighbours. Establish benchmarks and turn it into a game. Consider adding leader boards or online game centres and encourage customers to play against their colleagues, friends or neighbours

  • Doing a pre-starter campaign is similar to Kickstarter. Set a time limit, such as 30 days (no longer as it proves to be less effective). This encourages people to take immediate action and builds hype before it even goes live. Assume everyone will be a power user – give them that opportunity

  • Campaigns are more successful if they receive the funding at the beginning. Consider offering a discount for everyone who contributes in the first five hours. After every contribution, ask for an action, such as sharing on Facebook and Twitter

  • You need to have a video – campaigns are much more successful with them. Match it to implications: What changes result from it, and how do they affect people's lives?

  • Think about what behaviours you want the customers to exhibit – i.e. become promoters. Tap into what motivates them so you can support/nurture their motivation

  • Work with your existing database. Examine the demographics of the people you're working with. It should be a multi-faceted targeted approach, not a blanket approach

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