January 15, 2016

Re-Engage Your Existing Database and Increase Your Sales Potential

January 15, 2016

Re-Engage Your Existing Database and Increase Your Sales Potential

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Q: My home energy startup has a database of consumers we haven’t contacted for a while. How do we re-engage them in the best way regarding our product development and pre-sales?



  • Make them the hero — reward them for being part of the first wave. You can do this by using the scarcity approach, which gives them privileged access to sales or a tour around the office, something that only the first wave of database sign-ups receive.
  • Trust is the new currency — build it early by personalising your communication with your customers.
  • Create a countdown clock to get people excited for the release of your product and build aspiration.
  • The 1-4-7 rule says that it costs $1 to keep a customer, $4 to cross-sell them and $7 to obtain a new customer. This ratio means that maintaining your database relationships is more cost-effective than obtaining new customers.
  • Try creating a club and giving your database members platinum status. This creates advocates who may even obtain new leads for you.
  • Build your customers loyalty by giving them hands-on experience with your product — invite them to your workshop, warehouse, or office, and give them the opportunity to not only try but also learn about the product. Be sure to not just give them an experience, but give them the sales tools to on sell to others.
  • Try creating a community portal where database members can communicate with each other and boost excitement around your product release. This will also give you the opportunity to retrieve feedback.
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