January 27, 2016

Purpose statement: Stand out and attract more customers

January 27, 2016

Purpose statement: Stand out and attract more customers

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Q. My construction company has a really bland purpose statement. How do we create something we can truly stand behind?


  • Stop just saying what you do, and say what you're good at. What is the passion that drives your company?
  • Stop making assumptions about customers’ expectations. Talk to them and ask two key questions: What do we do really well? What can we do differently or better? These questions will highlight what customers expect from you. Implement that feedback into your goals and mission statement
  • You need to be clear on why you exist; what your purpose is. As an example, Henry Ford's purpose was to open up the land of America and let people explore it, not necessarily to sell cars. You will also need to consider your ambition. Your ambition will guide your purpose. For Henry Ford the ambition was to see a Ford in every driveway
  • Speak to the listening. Tell people what they need to hear, particularly regarding their pain points. For example the Clean Plumber knew that people expected plumbers to leave a mess in their homes. Their answer was to become the ‘Clean’ Plumber, a tradie that doesn't leave a mess when they're done, turns up on time, etc
  • Know your advantage.  How are each of your features compared to your competition. Highlight those aspects, which clearly stand out
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