August 25, 2016

Stump the Strategist: Top Marketing Strategies for Kitchen Manufacturers

August 25, 2016

Stump the Strategist: Top Marketing Strategies for Kitchen Manufacturers

Stump the Strategist

Q: We customise, manufacture, and install kitchens and other home cabinetry. We’ve been using traditional marketing (magazine ads, Google Adwords, a platform on an interior design website, and an exhibit at the Home Show). What other marketing avenues are there that I can use?




  • Use the 3M model by Dave Parish (market, message, and medium). Be very clear of your market, who come in touch with your offer. Tell them the features, benefits, and implications of your products (message). Consider how you are getting these messages across, and make sure your team is saying the same thing about your products (medium).
  • Create an A3 discussion guide. This collateral captures all the various elements that you offer in a single document.
  • Find ways to stay in touch with them frequently (e.g. autoresponder emails). This will make your company top of mind when they decide to purchase.
  • Make your service as a differentiator (e.g. make guarantees).
  • Trojan horse product —This gets you in the customer’s home and offer something of value that doesn’t cost you a lot but has a lot of value to your prospective customer. (For example, partner with a designer and do a kitchen makeover — obligation-free for your customer.)
  • Determine the triggers, which are the reasons why customers decide to get a new kitchen. Identify what is getting in the way. What could be the pain points? Next, determine the drivers, which are the factors that could cause an improvement in the business.

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