October 27, 2017

Step Change News: Mercer’s Cambell Holt, 7th Top CMO in Australia | Open Haus: That's a Wrap!

October 27, 2017

Step Change News: Mercer’s Cambell Holt, 7th Top CMO in Australia | Open Haus: That's a Wrap!

Step Change

Join us in congratulating Mercer’s Chief Customer Officer, Cambell Holt, who now joins the top ranks of the most innovative CMOs in Australia!

In other news, we had Stump the Strategist during last Friday’s Open Haus!


CMO50: Mercer’s Cambell Holt, One of Australia’s Leading Innovative CMOs

Cambell Holt, Chief Customer Officer at Mercer Australia, is in the top ranks as one of Australia’s most innovative marketing leaders, CMO Australia reveals.


In his interview with CMO Australia, Cam shares that it is his belief that marketing should be centred on creating great customer experiences.

With his knack for digital disruption combined with his commitment to create best-in-class customer experiences across the financial services customer journey, Cam’s first priority is to shape Mercer as a digital business and leverage technology to design digitally driven experiences for its customers.

“Every business is a digital business and I fear for those that haven’t worked that out yet,” he says.

Now on its third year, CMO50 recognises the most innovative and effective Chief Marketing Officers operating in Australia.

It’s really inspiring to see our clients stepping up to become one of the top CMOs across industries. From your team at Step Change, a big congratulations, Cam!

Disruption is real, and it’s already here. Read this article to learn how  business leaders should respond to disruption.


Open Haus Was a Success! 

Imagine this. Friday arvo. Food and drinks. A fierce table tennis tournament. And a front-row access to the acclaimed Stump the Strategist.

All these happened last Friday, and our guests had an amazing time meeting new people, catching up with acquaintances, and getting their marketing problems solved.

At Stump the Strategist, our guests had a chance to throw in their chewiest, toughest marketing challenge and our panel of strategists solved it against the clock.

Heaps of thanks go out to those who came to hang out! We hope you enjoyed our company and the beer! We were absolutely thrilled to have you in our office and see that you were having a grand time.

Want to join the fun in the next Open Haus? Leave us a message here and we'll put your name on the list!


Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash



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