November 15, 2017

Step Change News: We’re Ending ‘Marketing’ as You Know It | Introducing Our Service Menu

November 15, 2017

Step Change News: We’re Ending ‘Marketing’ as You Know It | Introducing Our Service Menu

Step Change

This week’s insider bits: An invite to reimagine marketing, plus a glimpse of the complete Step Change Service Menu (in case you’re mighty curious how else we can help your business grow).


Marketing 2.0: We’re Ending ‘Marketing’ as You Know It

Once upon time, in a barely recognisable land far away, marketing was a distinct function, focused mostly on producing advertising and incremental product upgrades that were based on consumer feedback.

Those days are gone — long gone. Things have changed. Technology has smashed down walls, deconstructed silos and allowed the consumer to bust down your front door. And this is a very different consumer too.

No longer the passive, take-whatever-I’m-given variety, but the connected, participatory type.

These consumers are the type who know they have the power to make or break.

So we reckon it’s about time to move on from ‘marketing’ as we know it.

It’s often more confusing than it is helpful.

What is it? Who does it? How does it relate to sales? Can I cut it?

All oft-cited questions.

All entirely unhelpful.

So let’s end this.

Enter: Marketing 2.0.

On 7 December 2017, we are publicly launching Marketing 2.0: How Exponential Organisations Approach Marketing.


A continuation of our popular Step Change Breakfast series, Marketing 2.0 is an interactive overview on the future of marketing and how marketers can win in a changed and rapidly changing world. 

So we’re inviting all CMOs, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, CEOs, Managing Directors, and leaders of businesses who need to win with marketing. Because if you’re not planning this way in 2018, you’re way behind the marketing game.

Keen to attend? Heres what you need to know.

When: 7 December 2017, 7.30–9.00 a.m.
Where: Step Change, Lvl 3, 47–49 Murray St Pyrmont
RSVP: Click here or email Kate at


Introducing the Step Change Menu

At Step Change, we do more than the usual.

With services ranging from Strategy to Creative and Digital, we’re sure you’d be interested to find out more about all our service offerings.

With a full ground-up digital offering, we help make sure you and other challenger businesses are equipped with the right tools to rise above and beyond — where strategy meets creativity.

Working with over 90 companies has taught us well and helped us understand that success means a lot of things for different people. We’re happy to share our own key points to success with you.

Who knows?

Perhaps we can inspire step changes in you too.


Click on the image to download the PDF version.

If you’d like to know more about our service offerings, we’re happy to walk you through them. Get in touch with us today.


Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash



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