September 30, 2015

How do I get maximum return and exposure on my book?

September 30, 2015

How do I get maximum return and exposure on my book?

Stump the Strategist

Stump The Strategist

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Q: I run a personal training business and want to grow. I wrote a book about motivation and losing weight. How do I get maximum return on this book and the most exposure possible?

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  • Get really clear about what you're looking for. Exposure and results are two different things, and one may not necessarily generate the other. While exposure may have the potential to drive your business further down the track, it might only achieve fleeting glances.

  • When looking at marketing costs, you can apply the 1– 4 – 7 ratio. This means that it costs $1 to keep a customer, $4 to cross-sell an existing customer and $7 to acquire a new customer. If you are considering acquisitions and cross-selling, try using your book or other pre-generated material to try to double your return on that investment. 

  • You can use pre-generated materials to achieve greater returns by implementing them into the Lead Nurture Cycle. By using a marketing automation system or email platform you can break up your materials by chapter or article and distribute them to your customers. This will provide them with a simple means of referring you to their friends. 

  • Also, consider a partnership with supplementary businesses. They can distribute your materials and generate conversation, as well as exposure for your brand. This may  further leads.  

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