October 9, 2015

How do I convince companies to choose my brand?

October 9, 2015

How do I convince companies to choose my brand?

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Q: As a financial educator, how do I get mining companies to employ me to educate their staff and improve their mental health?

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  • Create a direct quantifiable link between your product and your potential clients' KPIs and pain points. Show people exactly what they can gain by using your business.

  • People are 1.5-2.8 times more likely to be motivated by pain over gain. All benefits can be framed in terms of pain or gain so focus on the pain points of the decision makers and build out from there. 
  • When building your strategy RAMM – Result, Audience, Message, Medium – can be a helpful pneumonic to remember.  Get specific about the result you want. Try framing your objective as 'X to Y by...'. The more specific you are about the result, the more specific you can be about everything that comes after it. 

  • Tailor your message to your audience. Everybody wants to know how to make a smart decision and that means different things for different audience. Even if you offer the same product, with similar benefits for every person, there will be different implications for each audience.

  • Try creating a Smart Choice Checklist with five to seven options that targets the different implications and levels of priority for each audience. This will ensure that there is at least one page in the proposal tailored to each decision maker. 

  • Align your purpose with the purpose of your audience. This will allow you to talk to your customers on the same level.  

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