February 23, 2017

The Step Change Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

February 23, 2017

The Step Change Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Step Change, Culture & Leadership

It doesn’t matter if you have a winning strategy in place — if your company culture is sloppy, you will not win.

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Why does culture play a vital role in a businesss success? First of all, people are loyal to culture, not strategy. Second, culture sparks resilience during rough times. Lastly, it can influence the bottom line by up to 8 times more than strategy. 

So its no surprise that at Step Change, we take culture seriously. In fact, we call it our Ways of Being. We believe it’s more than just core values posted on our workspaces; it’s how we do our work and interact with each other. These values speak of who we are as a team. As our CEO Ashton — or Flash, as we call him — points out, “If strategy is the plan and direction of how we’ll get things done, then culture becomes our execution engine.”

We wanted to share this culture with our clients, followers, friends, and families — so at the close of 2016, we came up with our very own culture book. It shows how we, the Steppers, were able to live out the Ways of Being. A fair warning: this book is jam-packed with personal insights, gratitude for each other, and fun and cheesy memories to look back on.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through it as much as we did contributing to it. Take part in our story and learn how our Ways of Being, our culture, helped us step up in our work and in our relationships.


Learn more about bottom-line culture here.



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