April 24, 2014

Stump The Strategist At ARPA National Conference May 2014

B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

The Step Change team will be live on stage running 'Stump The Strategist' at the upcoming National Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association Conference on 5th May at 4pm.

Stump The Strategist

Stump The Strategist is THE breakthrough speaking format

Speaking on marketing is always a tricky thing... to do well.

In fact, in today’s marketing climate with more channels and widgets available than ever, by the time a speaker has put together a presentation it’s usually already out of date!

That’s why we’ve chosen to take on the tricky questions that you really need answered now!

Stump The Strategist - Marketing Questions Answered Against The Clock from Step Change Marketing on Vimeo.

Our panel of three Step Change strategists will be live on stage, taking questions on marketing and communications from the audience - and then answering them live in only 9 minutes.

So rather than just getting some blanket theory, you end up with campaign ideas and actionable frameworks to get your specific, chewiest marketing problems solved for good.

And the best bit?

The audience gets to decide at the end whether we were stumped or whether we passed the test - and we’re yet to be stumped!

The strategist panel this year will include:

Ashton Bishop (Australia's Predatory Marketer)

Glenn Bartlett (Strategy Director at Step Change Marketing)

Adam Long (top 30 under30 entrepreneur).

See them on the 5th May at 4pm

The National Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association Conference will commence with a Welcome Reception on Sunday 4 May 2014 and will conclude on Tuesday 6 May 2014.

More information and registration is available here:



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