June 6, 2017

Step Change News: ASX-Listed Tech Company Launches Redesigned Website

June 6, 2017

Step Change News: ASX-Listed Tech Company Launches Redesigned Website

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The industry-leading tech solutions company, Codan, has launched their well thought-out website that provides the answers their potential customer seeks.

A few months prior to the launch, our team at Step Change flew down to Adelaide and conducted a website workshop with Codan, which shed light on the importance of having a user-friendly web design.


The Process

With the Step Change team’s expert facilitation on the user experience design process, the workshop attendees were able to zone in on who the website is for. They were able to create their targeted user profile and map out their customer journey, which gave them a better idea on how their web visitors end up on their site and what elements need to be put in so that the purpose of their web visit is fulfilled.

A look at their target users and their business objectives had them conclude that the business needed a website redesign. The user journey they have mapped out made it easier for them to reorganise and lay out the contents of their website differently in order for web visitors to effortlessly navigate through the site.

To know more about the best practices in web design, download the Principles  for Web Usability ebook.


A Sneak Peak on the Website’s Special Features

  • A user interface optimised for conversion and engagement
  • More use of imagery to immerse people in the different locations and areas that our client operates in
  • More use of colours (which were optimised for use in the digital realm)
  • Blocks of content were created in modules so that now they are digestible as opposed to just text alongside a page
  • A more interactive and engaging experience
  • Stronger calls to action across the site
  • Optimised for mobile (it’s a responsive site)
  • New personality — exciting, engaging, and sophisticated through the new colours, new typography, and imagery
  • Better organisation of present content and incoming news, as well as better sorting of archives and general legal documents
  • Fleshed out the fourth business unit, Defence Electronics, as a mini-site within the main site
Experience their website here



Thanks, Alex, Stacey, and Rob, for all your hard work in delivering the website. We’re very happy with it and look forward to receiving feedback from the rest of the business (and investors) over the coming weeks. The new redesigned website has brought our corporate site in line with our current messaging, and the mobile site is excellent.

Thanks again for delivering a great site.

— Sarah Emms
Manager, Corporate Development & Investor Relations at Codan


To our friends at Codan, it was an honour working with you on your step change to growth. Congratulations! 


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