August 1, 2014

Predatory Inspirations Part 1: MAC VS PC

Predatory Marketing

This is the first post of ten in the Predatory Inspiration's series by Ashton Bishop, Head of Strategy at Step Change Marketing.

This series was designed to provide some new inspiration and key thoughts, to help you achieve growth and sustain change.

Predatory Inspirations

People who say competitive advertising does not work obviously have not seen the worlds most loved brand in action. Brand slagging is rarely a good idea, but if you can make human comments on a real insight and deliver it in an endearing way - you win.



Greatest Strength

They are an open system that allow for cheap components from everywhere to be swapped in and out.

The weaknesses that arise from their strength

Cheap components rarely speak to each other or connect without problems. Lots of problems.

Relative advantages

Apples work out of the box. First time. Every time.

Predatory recap

Strike at the weaknesses that arise out of your competitor’s greatest strength? This achieves the greatest impact and makes response more difficult.

In the next post, Ashton talks about what to do when competitors aren't doing a very good job of looking after their categories.



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