August 4, 2016

Writing an Effective Sales Proposal

August 4, 2016

Writing an Effective Sales Proposal

B2B Sales

When you’re making a sale, you should always start with the proposal.



Opportunity Statement

All proposals need to have a pithy opportunity statement. This assures the client that you understand where the client is and where it is they want to go. Do some market research for them and investigate on the way the current business is being run. Then, based on your findings, generate a business objective.



It’s important to build credibility and trust. People want to know that if they choose your business, they are going to be secure, and so this is where client lists and case studies come to action for you. This will tell your B2B clients that you are a successful expert in the field. It’s highly recommended that it be done in video format because it has been proven that people nowadays prefer to see videos on the internet than to read pure text.



When someone looks at a product or service offering in B2B, often the price can appear to be a big figure. To avoid this, you need to create some context and put the price into perspective. Never separate value from price. You should use this tactic to frame your argument and you should also include this in your opportunity statement.


Customer Value Proposition

In a nutshell, this answers the question, why should someone do business with you? And it’s a slightly different write-up depending on what product or service you’re selling and who you’re speaking with. So there should be value proposition for every single product, and there should be one tailored for any of the decision makers you are doing business with.


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