April 20, 2017

What Does Leadership Really Look Like in a VUCA World? [VIDEO]

April 20, 2017

What Does Leadership Really Look Like in a VUCA World? [VIDEO]

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VUCA is a military expression coined in the 90s to describe the tumultuous conditions of the battlefield. It stands for “volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.” And now more than ever, leaders are experiencing such times in the business context.

In the presence of VUCA, the role of a leader is undoubtedly challenging. Their ever-increasing responsibilities have gotten them worried. What’s more, meeting demands from all directions is overwhelming.

In today’s episode of Leadership through Disruption, Stephanie Christopher (CEO, The Executive Connection), as interviewed by Ashton Bishop (CEO, Step Change), talks about great leadership through the age of disruption in the VUCA world.


What Does Leadership Really Look Like in a VUCA World_ from Step Change on Vimeo.

If you want to thrive and be a great leader in the VUCA world, you have to be very clear on what your mindset is. To help with this, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Am I open to the change? By looking at challenging situations at another perspective and embracing change, you are able to deal with new challenges better and leverage them to your gain.
  2. Do I know where I am strong? Can I play very well to my strengths? Leaders who are aware of their core strengths are confident in what they can do. And playing to your strengths allows you to focus your time and effort where you can give your 100%.
  3. Do I know where my challenges are? If you have a good grasp of where you’re good at, then you will have known your weaknesses. As you play to your strengths, you can fill in the gap by hiring other brilliant minds that will complement you.
  4. Who can hold up a mirror to me? Seek the guidance of a mentor. Mentors can help you get a clear sense of the areas where you’re going to need input and support to face the challenges ahead.

Visit our Powerful Presence page now to know more about how you can lead in the VUCA world.

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