February 23, 2016

Never be ignored again - How to write a persuasive sales email

February 23, 2016

Never be ignored again - How to write a persuasive sales email

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A persuasive sales email usually incites one of two responses from people: mark it as spam or actually read it. When they do in fact read them, we know from click-through rates that most get annoyed and delete the email or they're persuaded to take an action by the seller. So, what can you do to ensure that your sales emails are being read?

 Dean Mannix from SalesITV (a Step Change partner known for Australia’s complete system for sales results – the next evolution in sales training and coaching) reveals the secrets to writing a persuasive sales email. 

The Art of Writing Persuasive Sales Emails

If 60% of a buyer's decisions are made before a sales call, the way you communicate with your prospective clients online and through email can make or break a sale. That said, being persuasive through emails is especially challenging.

Here are two highly effective strategies that you should implement to write catchy emails that are engaging and persuasive.

Law of Primacy

We are all subject to the Law of Primacy - we can't help but put emphasis on the first thing we read. This means:

1. Subject headlines are important and should be consistent with the emotions you want readers to experience and the action you want them to take

2. Salutations are vital – Dear, hi, hey, no salutation. All set the tone and signal the nature of the relationship

3. The content in the first paragraph is critical and should let the reader know:

  • You are supportive of their objective
  • You have listened and heard their request
  • You will deliver on their request.

4. Headings are valuable, they set context for the information that follows them.

Principles of Persuasion

If we think of our email as a sales tool, rather than an information-providing tool, we need to consider whether there are opportunities to credibly apply the Principles of Persuasion. These can be used to increase the likelihood that your prospect will take a step further in the conversion process.

Examples of the ethical application of the core Principles of Persuasion include:

Social Proof

If the reader believes that others are taking steps just like them or thinking the same way they are, they are likely to engage on a similar basis. An example of this communication would be, "If you are not sure about using our product or service, give us a call and we'll connect you with the right person to discuss this." You could also play around with the subject line, which could read, ‘Why others are choosing <Your Product or Your Service>’. 


People want what they can't have or what they believe is only available to an exclusive few. Create scarcity and exclusivity with subject lines that read, ‘Only 25 Days For The Offer to End’, or ‘Exclusive Offer For the First 100 Customers’.

Consistency and Commitment

If the reader has mentioned something in their prior communication that is consistent with the offer you are making, use it in your sales email to build commitment to action. For example, ‘You mentioned that you plan to purchase a service by the end of the month and we can help you get the results if you choose our service’.


People feel indebted to those who do something for them. The implication being, if you give something they will want to give back in return. So, if we position the provision of information as ‘help or guidance’, it will be perceived as more valuable. This value attribution may change the reader's sense of obligation to continue the process. An example of this in email communication is: ‘Hi Claire, it was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope you found the packages we discussed useful. I've included those below and also made sure that all your requests have been sent to the relevant people.’

There are more Principles of Persuasion that could be relevant to your email campaign. The deliberate application of the ones I listed is the starting point to increase the probability of success with higher email open rates and click through rates. 

By bettering your understanding of the Law of Primacy and the Principles of Persuasion you gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s mindset when they receive your email. This gives you a strong framework for crafting your email and helps to ensure that your emails are always read.

About the Author's Company SalesITV
SalesITV is the next evolution in sales training and empowering your sales managers to be better sales coaches. As Australia’s leading sales performance system, SalesITV blends world-class content, proven sales coaching methodology, online tools and a highly experienced team to deliver extraordinary ROI for their clients. Their clients leverage SalesITV’s mobile cloud-based platform to gain access to the world’s largest library of sales and service training content, enabling them to train anyone, anytime, with any of SalesITV’s Australian-made content. All of this supports the development of a more robust sales culture, confidence in sales coaching and engaged salespeople driving sales growth and customer loyalty.

You can find out more about SalesITV here. 



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