May 10, 2017

Technology Support and Help Desk Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

May 10, 2017

Technology Support and Help Desk Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond


What’s new in IT? Learning more about the latest IT support trends can help you stay agile and ensure that your business is always using the best tools available. From increased reliance on AI and automation to more mobile devices in the workplace and even some growing security threats, here’s what to be ready for in 2017:


Increased Reliance on Automation

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but incorporating automated AI systems into your business can make things more efficient. Automating some of your processes allows projects to move along more quickly, increases productivity, and even reduces errors.

Instead of relying on a consumer to provide correct data and a human employee to interpret and enter it correctly, automation can perform tasks with more accuracy and swifter results. For businesses, this mean means more time and money saved, fewer errors, and more reliable responses.


Improved Speed and Efficiency

Businesses need to be able to meet demands more swiftly and efficiently; your IT help desk can help you come up with custom solutions to your pressing problems and allow you to meet your goals. By finding ways to speed up your processes without sacrificing efficiency or accuracy, you can scale your business and reach out to more customers than ever before.


Growing Reliance on Analytics

Big data is no longer just for big business and specific industries. From theme parks that place stores and shopping opportunities based on visitor data, to local governments who predict which intersections are most hazardous at specific times of day — analysis of big data is everywhere.

Understanding and analysing your sales and marketing data can help you more effectively target your prospects and ensure you are making the most from your investment and efforts. From identifying buyer personas to discovering the ways that customers use your products to solve problems, big data can reveal surprising insights into your business.


Increased Interconnectivity

Increased connectivity is not just for homes; the different components in your business need to be able to effectively communicate with one another. Your helpdesk provider can assist you with setting up an integrated, connected network that allows you to work smarter, not harder. Ideally, a diverse group of business machines will be able to work together and seamlessly connect, allowing you to work from a laptop, phone, or tablet with ease.


More Mobility

Do you know anyone who does not have a smartphone? The increased use of not only mobile devices but BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) models means more challenges for the IT department. How can you separate personal data and use from business data, and how can you keep the network secure when so many devices access it daily? It may be less expensive for businesses, but the BYOD model brings many challenges to the table for IT in 2017; the helpdesk can assist with both preventative measures and problems arising from mobile use.


Heightened Security Awareness

The growing threat of cyberattacks makes it all the more important to secure your network and educate your team about the perils of cybercrime. From setting up a secure, breach-proof network to keeping you informed about the latest threats, expect to see an increased interest in security topics in 2017.

Being aware of the latest IT trends and concerns can help you protect your business and ensure you are always able to take advantage of the latest technology. Your IT support provider can help you navigate these trends and allow you to stay on the cutting edge of technology; the right help desk provider will also be able to help you protect your business and free you up to focus on what you do best.

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A version of this article is originally published at the Lanrex blog.


Jodie_Korber02.jpegJodie Korber is the Managing Director of Lanrex since 2009. After 19 years consulting for small- and mid-sized business as well as working in larger financial institutions, she’s well aware that even though there are common themes, everyone’s situation is unique. When Jodie isn't helping clients get ahead with their IT, she's trying to get ahead as a keen dragon boat racer.



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