September 26, 2017

Sustaining Change: The Fluidity of Success

September 26, 2017

Sustaining Change: The Fluidity of Success

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To most people, success is seen as a destination — a permanent position that can finally be reached through the culmination of the right actions. In a way, it is; and in a way, it isn’t. The right actions are definitely needed, but success isn’t a fixed state that requires a specific number of actions. It’s fluid and ever-changing, and it’s a series of choices that you have to make every single day.

Welcome to the third video of the five-part series on Sustaining Change. Ashton Bishop, our CEO, gave this presentation on ACN’s National Nursing Forum. Here, he shares what changed in his life after seeing success as a daily challenge rather than a destination.


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The text that follows is an edited transcript of the video:

So now, what’s changed? Well, I still get results that I’m really proud of. And that’s me with an award from the world’s number one CEO network, where I get to coach, mentor, be a resource speaker for them. I was lucky enough to win Speaker of the Year three times in four years, which I was really proud of — not for the achievement but for who I was being and how I was going about it.

I’m even prouder of my relationships. Rocky’s now passed. I’ve got a new best friend, my wife. I’ve known her for ten years now, and we have a great relationship. We have a beautiful little princess, Liana; a beautiful little boy; and their fairy princess.

So I have two kids at home, and 40 at work. Step Change is growing exponentially now. We have six offices; we do great work with great clients like the Australian College of Nursing.

If that’s all so good, what’s the bad news? It is that none of that’s the destination. When we talk about sustaining change for what end, I want you to get that it’s not one epic battle; it’s not one massive conflict of overcoming something. Success is a choice of where to focus and who you are being about it every single day.

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