November 28, 2018

10 Social Media Trends for Financial Services in 2019

November 28, 2018

10 Social Media Trends for Financial Services in 2019

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Financial brands are already fast-tracking the adoption of social channels in their marketing strategy in their quest to personalise the customer experience.

We’ve gathered the top 10 social media trends financial services need to know in 2019.

  1. In the financial sector, organisations are using enterprise social media solutions to achieve three objectives: grow revenue, decrease operationalexpenses, and better manage digital risks. (Hootsuite)

  2. 71% of financial services organisations plan to increase their digital marketing spend in the year to come. (

  3. 28% of respondents rank optimising the customer experience as the “single most exciting opportunity” in 2018. (Adobe)

  4. 66% of financial services institutions say having a consistent message across channels is very important to them. (

  5. 33% of financial services marketers plan to use artificial intelligence to optimise the customer experience in the coming years. (Econsultancy)

  6. 81% of companies in the financial sector are significantly more likely to regard customer journey optimisation as very important over the new few years. (

  7. Financial services companies publish 43% of their messages on Twitter compared to 29% on Facebook, 17% on LinkedIn, and 11% on Instagram. But when it comes to promoting media assets (like photos, audio, and video), Facebook and Instagram are used much more heavily. (wwpromote)

  8. The financial services sector uses a wider range of social media platforms than companies in other regulated industries. (Hootsuite)

  9. Financial services organisations have embraced the power of paid promotion, with a 28% increase in promoted content on Facebook among 23 ofAmerica’s top banks. (Hootsuite)

  10. Financial service organisations are increasingly using their CEO or senior leadership to amplify content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 95% of commercial banks and 100% of financial data services have corporate Facebook pages. Because financial service organisations are rich with customer data, we’re seeing increased uses of custom and lookalike audience modelling on Facebook. (Hootsuite)


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