January 19, 2018

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Out on the Practice of Powerful Presence

January 19, 2018

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Out on the Practice of Powerful Presence

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The Practice of Powerful Presence is a series of concepts and exercises that let you consistently bring out the best in you so you can be the best leader for others.

The next Powerful Presence is in Adelaide on 24th - 26th August. Register Here. 

This is not another leadership tool or app you can simply download — it’s the complete operating system you need if you want to think clearly, think creatively, be powerfully present, and have an edge in your communications.

Our newest course, called Powerful with Purpose, is an advanced leadership course that teaches leaders how to be very clear about the games they want to play to create a life that is worthy of them.

If you are wondering what you can get out of our leadership courses, here’s a message from one of the graduates of not just one but both our leadership courses — Qattro’s Managing Director, Brad Jansen.


I’ve attended the Practice of Powerful Presence Intensive four times and graduated from the advanced Powerful with Purpose Intensive once.

So I’ve been asked —

  • Why did you attend so many times?
  • What has it meant for you?

Both fair questions to which the answers should be thoughtfully considered prior to attending.

If you ask the other graduates of one or both courses, no doubt you will get varying (positive) answers; however, for me, there have been five primary game-changers (and countless ongoing magic moments).

The five are —

  1. Every single human being has the seeds of greatness in them. I always felt they are in me, and I’ve been diligently watering and nurturing them throughout my life’s journey to date.

    However, I’ve never quite cracked it. There’s always been ‘something’ that I couldn’t quite put my finger on!

    Powerful Presence helped me find that something. My seeds had grown and flowered; however, there have also been some weeds in the patch, which Powerful Presence helped me identify and maintain.

    Never again will I entertain that success is too hard. It’s obvious now.

  1. Over the past few decades, time has been the currency of success. It was all about good time management. The world has moved on. The new currency is energy. Now it’s about great energy management.

    Powerful Presence has helped me greatly in managing stresses and anxieties that disproportionately consume my valuable energy resources, often leaving me depleted (physically and emotionally) for when I most need it or, more importantly, when those people that matter most need me to be there.

    Both courses are superb in all but eliminating the elements that rob our energy.

  1. I have the ambition to be a great leader. At times, I’ve failed those that I promised to be a great leader for and instead resorted to forcing adherence as opposed to voluntary enrolment.

    Powerful Presence has opened my eyes to the challenge of inspiring others into enrolling in my journey. Helping people to find common purpose between their vision for their future and the Summit I’m climbing has become a far more rewarding pursuit. I feel humbled and honoured.
  1. For too long, I believed (as do many others) that success in one area of my life is inevitably at the expense of another. (For instance, business success vs personal relationships). This is simply garbage. True fulfilment is available by winning on all fronts. In fact, success in one or two areas of life will still leave a void of dissatisfaction.

    Powerful with Purpose, in particular, unlocked a practical toolkit that is guiding me to success across the board. On one hand, “if only I knew this 20 years ago.” On the other, “So grateful that I have this at my disposal for the next 20!”
  1. I’ve spent most of my life to date in the pursuit of success — you know: drive, determination, long hours, will, force, never give up, fight, climb, win, etc.

    Even writing that makes me feel totally exhausted.

    I’ve traded in the pursuit of success for — thanks to Powerful with Purpose — the attraction of success. I now remain careful about who I’m being. Am I being the person who is earning the right to be a beneficiary of the gifts success can bestow? Now success is finding me. This is a way easier path, leaving me energy to burn!

Finally (if you’ve read this far, well done!) I’d say this: if you have unfulfilled business with the universe and/or yourself, then it’s time to do some weeding in your greatness patch. The Practice of Powerful Presence and Powerful with Purpose are your gardening toolkits.

Hope to speak with you sometime.

Brad Jansen



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