February 20, 2014

Top Business Innovation Tools To Maximise Growth

February 20, 2014

Top Business Innovation Tools To Maximise Growth

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In our last post we looked at some of the big brand companies and how they are leveraging crowd sourcing to improve their business.

In this post we introduce a collection of innovation and evaluation tools that will help you identify opportunities around people, product, process and communication.

Innovation Tools

If you’re after brainstorm tools we have another book called “Collaborative Creativity”.

Visit us here to find out more.

With the following collection of tools we have included one brainstorm tool around innovation called SCAMPER.


SCAMPER is a checklist of idea-spurring questions.


  1. Isolate the challenge or subject you want to think about.
  2. Ask questions about each step of the challenge or subject and see what new ideas emerge.

Scamper Checklist

SCAMPER: An Example:

Think of a spoon


Scamper Spoon Text

SCAMPER: Adapt something to it


SCAMPER: Magnify it


SCAMPER: Modify it

Modify Scamper

SCAMPER: Put it to some other use

Scamper:Put It To Use

SCAMPER: Eliminate something


SCAMPER: Reverse it


SCAMPER: Rearrange it


Parameter Analysis

Before you innovate you need to know where you’re at. Use this tool to do an audit around what is “fixed”, “flexible” and “inconvenient” around your brand.

Parameter Analysis

Sensory Overload

Sensory Overload

Future Casting Ideas Generation

This tool looks at different origin points for innovation, allowing you to project potential ideas for future commercial gain.

The Idea Generator, Ken Hudson 2007

Future Casting Ideas Generation

Process Review

Consider any processes greater than 2 years old and how they could be radically improved.

Process Review

Using Experience to Drive Innovation

This is a technique that is used for innovation steering committees to draw out relevant experiences which can overcome challenges or capitalise on opportunities.

Source: Young President Organisation

Drive Innovation

Innovation Platforms

Use this tool to identify opportunities or areas for your business to innovate in.

Innovation Platforms

The Phoenix Checklist

The Phoenix Checklist is a checklist developed by the CIA to get their agents thinking about ways to solve a problem – great to apply to your business:

The Problem

Phoenix Problem

The Plan

Phoenix Plan

Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

Six Thinking Hats1

Six Thinking Hats2

Evaluation Methods

Potential Impact Plotting

You can use this chart to evaluate the potential impact your idea might have over the short, medium and long term.

Business Impact

“Yes” Reasons

When assessing innovation it’s important to see what might be possible even though there will undoubtedly be many hurdles and obstacles. This tool helps you predict possible blockades before they occur.

Predict Blockades

In our next post we'll discuss the advertising cycle and why the emotional mind is so important in the decision making process.



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