August 18, 2015

How can I use my emails to increase sales?

August 18, 2015

How can I use my emails to increase sales?

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Q: I sell custom made furniture online with a database of 2,500 people who we email every few weeks. Open rates fluctuate between 5-10%, but I don't get any sales from them. How do I use email to sell more furniture?

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  • Clean up your database by separating the 90% that aren't opening your emails from the 10% that are. Then target the 90% with a re-engagement campaign to drive opt-in

  •  If people aren't buying online, don't try to sell there. Create an intermediary step. Invite them to a physical event, factory or showroom where they can engage with the product

  •  85% of people are more likely to buy a product if there's a video. Try, for example, adding a video that features the manufacturer talking about the materials or construction of the product

  • Adding a video into an email template has the potential to increase the amount of engagement by up to 280%

  • Remember your emails are a sales tool. An email that looks nice doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t feature a call to action

  • Ensure you are using your headlines effectively. Don’t waste time building the body of the email if only 10% are going to read it compared to the 80% who may read your headline.  Try the “already won” tactic. Tell readers they’ve won something in your headline. They will have to open your email to check and claim their prize

  • Give a “remarkable offer” such as 90% off for the first five sales. This will encourage higher open rates

  • Your emails must have value for readers. Give them a reason to open your email

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