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Step Change is a strategically-led digital creative agency – if that sounds like we do it all, its because we do. We have created a space where strategy meets creativity, working together to create a full ground-up digital offering to challenger businesses.

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August 31, 2015

How do we beat Vegemite?

Predatory Marketing, Stump the Strategist, Business Growth, FMCG

Watch us tell David how to take down Goliath in under nine minutes.

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August 18, 2015

How can I use my emails to increase sales?

Email Sales, Stump the Strategist, eDMs, Digital

If your email open rates are down take a look at this nine minute video for some inspiration.

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August 3, 2015

How do I create an optimum pricing strategy?

Stump the Strategist

If you're looking to create an optimum price strategy for your business, this Stump the Strategist video is for you.

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July 27, 2015

What do I need to know about big data?

Stump the Strategist

Are you confused by big data? You aren't alone. Check out Stump the Strategist to gain some clarity.

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July 6, 2015

How do we encourage power users to engage with a pre-sales campaign?

Stump the Strategist

Trying to engage customers in a pre-sales campaign? Watch this nine minute video for more details.

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June 26, 2015

How can we segment our database to measure intangible aspects like loyalty, commitment and trust to our service?

If you have questions about segmenting your market, this is the video for you. Watch as our Strategists address segmentation in this nine minute video.

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June 25, 2015

How do we increase our dollar spend per customer without discounting?

Stump the Strategist

If you've ever wondered how to increase your dollar spend per customer, this is the video for you. Our Strategists will give you several great tips in this nine-minute video – without a discount in sight!

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June 9, 2015

How can I use my database to grow my business?

Stump the Strategist

Have you been looking to leverage your database? Watch this nine minute video and our strategists will show you how.

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May 19, 2015

Streaming Services: Sinking Ship Or Royalties Saviour?

Jeff Cooper is the Senior Partner of Step Change Marketing This article appears in Jeff's monthly column in AdNews – Australia's leading publication serving the advertising, marketing and media industries.


I have a confession to make. When I was young and stupid (not to mention light on doubloons) I used to pirate content like movies, music, games and TV shows. I’m not alone – us convicts lead the world in piracy. I read in some recent and ‘very credible’ research that one third of adults admit to pirating content online. That increases to 50% for those between 18 and 24 years of age. I don’t believe those stats for a second – I’d bet they’re much higher!

 Thankfully, I’m now clean.  I’ve seen the light, the dull glow from my flat-screen TV, as Netflix auto-plays the fourth episode of Bloodline at 11pm on a school night.

 I now have Netflix. Not because I watch much TV but because, for me, the value proposition has far surpassed pirating, free-to-air and AppleTV (and probably many other on-demand alternatives). The point is content producers should stop cursing pirates and start partnering with distribution channels that are winning over the masses with their superior value propositions. And those distributors who are losing the battle should smarten up.

 At $8.49 a month, Netflix costs less than 30c a day for unlimited content across all my devices. AppleTV is around $3 an episode (equivalent to 10 days of viewing or 240 hours of Netflix gluttony). Free-to-air is full of crap and ads, with the only half decent content being at the worst possible times. Pirating is a pain in the ass around quality and logistics… oh yeah, and it’s illegal.

 Spotify has a similar customer value proposition – one monthly fee and unlimited streaming.

 Now artists and content producers are saying that their share of revenue from these streaming services is too small, but it’s got to be better than the zero they were getting from pirated distribution. I’m an artist, creative person who makes money from my creativity/thinking, and I have a business that does too, so I certainly value creativity. I’m also a realist.

 These services have done something that other models have failed to do: they have brought pirates back from their sea of filth and squalor, and they’ve charged them for the pleasure. Many pirates are turning in their eye-patches and peg legs, or choosing not to strap them on quite so often. For me, that’s alchemy.

Tides are changing. New legislation has been passed that, for the first time in Australia, will bring retribution to those that chose to break our piracy laws that until now have been impotent. This will further swell the tides in favour of streaming services.

 As always there is opportunity for those that move first. The weather forecast predicts rough seas and strong currents away from the traditional distribution channels so the smart seamen would be setting a course for the light.


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May 13, 2015

Do I need social media to create an effective marketing strategy?

Stump the Strategist

Not sure where to begin with your marketing? The Strategists explain in this nine minute video.

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May 1, 2015

How do I market to a family business with a strong patriarchal figure?

Stump the Strategist

If your wondering how to target a family business with a strong patriarch, this Stump the Strategist video is for you.

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April 27, 2015

How can I visually represent my brand and effectively increase sales?

Watch as we answer the question: How do I visually represent my brand and ramp up sales as quickly as possible?

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April 24, 2015

How can we replicate the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Viral, Stump the Strategist, Ice Bucket Challenge, Marketing Strategy

Ever wondered how you could recreate the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Watch as our strategists tackle this topic in under nine minutes.

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April 17, 2015

How to effectively justify marketing spends to senior management

Stump the Strategist, Marketing Strategy

Are senior management questioning your marketing spend? Watch us live on stage to learn how to effectively justify your costs.

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April 10, 2015

No More Kissing Frogs On Tinder

B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

The best things in life may be free, but Tinder will no longer be one of them. Perhaps, writes Jeff Cooper, the move will add value to the service.

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March 31, 2015

How do I get all employees involved in new business?

B2B Sales, Increase Sales, Business Growth

Watch as we answer the question: I have a legal practice which struggling, having lost some clients. How do I lead employees effectively so all of them are involved in finding new clients?

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March 24, 2015

What will the future Chief Marketing Officer look like?

Stump the Strategist

Watch our strategists outline the Chief Marketing officer of the future in this nine minute video.

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March 20, 2015

In a male dominated workplace, how can I shift the perspectives of my colleagues so they view me as a leader - not just a woman?

Women in the Workplace, Business Strategy, Stump the Strategist, Marketing Strategy

In this weeks Stump the Strategist, watch as the strategists answer a question about shifting gender perceptions in the workplace.

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March 11, 2015

Nurture Your Inner Psychopath

B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

You don't have to be crazy to work in this industry, but it may not hurt writes Jeff Cooper.

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March 10, 2015

How do I grow my online sock store?

Watch as we answer live on stage in 9 minutes: How do I grow the customer base of my online sock store? Each sock design supports a different charity.

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March 4, 2015

How do I access the small and medium enterprise (SME) channel?

Watch this weeks Stump the Strategist to find out how you can access the small and medium enterprise channel.

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February 20, 2015

How to create a flexible small business marketing plan

B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

Many small businesses often ask if a marketing plan is necessary. Yes, you definitely need a marketing plan but it needs to be flexible. Here's how you do that:

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February 17, 2015

2 key tactics on how to market your small business message

B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

Before you spend $1 on paid advertising, take the time to sit down and work out your media exposure across your current touch-points. Here are 2 tactics we use.

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February 6, 2015

5 steps to a predatory marketing campaign for small business

Predatory Marketing, B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

Find out who your biggest competitor is, what their greatest strength is, and how you can create a campaign based around the weakness arising out of that.

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February 4, 2015

Virtual Stump the Strategist - Marketing problems solved in 9 minutes

Predatory Marketing, Distribution, Branding, Stump the Strategist, Cause-Related Marketing

This week's Virtual Stump The Strategist answers questions on consumer apps and coffee shops live in 9 minutes. See if these answers can apply to you here

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February 3, 2015

How the Robin Hoods of marketing give small businesses a fighting chance

Predatory Marketing, B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

The smaller your business, the more resourceful you need to be with your marketing. A strategy called predatory marketing may be just what you need to grow.

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January 16, 2015

Thought-less leaders: the future is not now

B2B Sales, Marketing Strategy

What may, what might is still way out of sight says Jeff Cooper. Forget portents of the future, it's action in the moment that speaks louder than prediction.

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January 8, 2015

What is iBeacon and how do you use it?

B2B Sales

What's next big thing in marketing? In this post, we explore an upcoming technology for marketers to watch out for called iBeacon. Find out all about it here:

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November 3, 2014

Why predatory marketing is not private about your privates

Predatory Marketing, Our Work

By giving permission to be not so private about their privates, UbyKotex gave young women freedom of expression. Controversial- yes, but very successful!

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October 28, 2014

How Predatory Marketing Got Australians To Like Pork Again

Predatory Marketing

We needed to find the advantages of Australian pork over beef. Find out here how we used predatory marketing to force reappraisal of pork with a health message.

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